North, or, An Interlude

DSCF0211_1920x1440For too long I had been in Argentina and the southern half of the continent. When you start a six month trip, the time stretches out ahead of you in to the infinite. It wasn’t until I worked out that I would be spending less than a month per country (the original plan) that I began to realise how little time I actually had left to get all the way to Colombia, and still spend time there. From Bariloche then, I (and my travel buddy – Hi Mirjam!) had to get to Bolivia, and quickly. This is a long journey! I know some people would prefer to go all the way in one swoop, but I decided to take a few days to get there. Not too many. Firstly, the route was to take us in to Chile as we wanted to climb a volcano. As you do. Continue reading