Towards Bangkok Via A Full Moon

DSCF3366 (Copy)From Koh Samui, the boat plodded to the north in the evening, leaving the lights of the larger island behind while heading to the infamous island of hedonism, Koh Phangan. Chatting to some Canadian girls on the ferry, I began to worry about my own choice of accommodation on the island. While they sensibly plumped for a place on a quiet beach, I was in the lion’s den as I thought it would be easier to get to (and more importantly, from) the largest party in the region. The Full Moon Party. Continue reading


10 Days In The Galapagos

DSCF0419_1920_1440The big one. The money shot. The one place that everybody jealously goes “ahh” when I mention I am going to visit. The Galapagos is an absolute must see, but outside of the ability of many South America travellers due to one thing: money. Fortunately I had budgeted for this trip from the very beginning, but even my fairly generous slush fund was not quite enough. Still, I feel that it is an absolute tragedy for anyone to find themselves in Ecuador and not make it to this place. If anywhere deserved the tag “magical”, then the Galapagos is it and money be damned. Continue reading

North By Northwest

DSCF1005_1920_1440After several days at a beach resort, it was plainly clear that I needed a change. This change took form in another beach resort further up the coast, near the border with Ecuador. The small town of Mancora is well known to younger Peruvians who flock there during national holidays to surf and sunbathe and fortunately I was not there at one of these times. It’s quite tough to find much of a range of accommodation online for Mancora (hitherto being the best way to arrive in a place with a reserved bed in a nice hostel), so I plumped for the highest rated place in town; a hostel called Loki. Continue reading