Catch Up!

DSCF3418 (Copy)I am currently half way down through Vietnam, and yet the next post I am due to produce covers Bangkok, a place I was in several weeks ago. I don’t want to be constantly playing catch up, so I’ll condense the last few weeks in to a single post. So, Bangkok. Continue reading


Towards Bangkok Via A Full Moon

DSCF3366 (Copy)From Koh Samui, the boat plodded to the north in the evening, leaving the lights of the larger island behind while heading to the infamous island of hedonism, Koh Phangan. Chatting to some Canadian girls on the ferry, I began to worry about my own choice of accommodation on the island. While they sensibly plumped for a place on a quiet beach, I was in the lion’s den as I thought it would be easier to get to (and more importantly, from) the largest party in the region. The Full Moon Party. Continue reading

Travel Is People

It’s raining in Hanoi, and the grey skies are matching my mood so I am going to take a quick break from the norm here and write a short piece about the actual act of travelling, that is as much for my own self indulgent therapy as anything else. Apologies if this ends up like a teenage girl’s diary. I have been inspired by the blogs of people I’ve met and they are incredibly open about their journeys and the ways in which it affects them. Continue reading