Sing For Your Dinner In Singapore (Because You Don’t Have Enough Money)

DSCF2300 (Copy)Stepping from the icy air conditioned Terminal at Singapore’s Changi airport, the heat and humidity sucker punches you in the face. Like walking through hot soup, even a short walk will leave your shirt clinging to your body. Combine that with a heavy backpack and you will have an uncomfortable time. Fortunately it is a breeze to get an air conditioned minibus to your¬†hotel/hostel, and so begins the life of hopping from air con to air con wherever possible. Continue reading


Hong Kong. All Of It.

DSCF2137 (Copy)

The final insult of China was at the border. In a final, desperate attempt to extract that last bit of cash from you, there is a bus that you have to take and of course this costs money. I throw my Yuan at the ticket counter and I have to make a conscious effort not to be bitter about this petty money grabbing that has been a feature of China since I arrived in Beijing all that time ago. Continue reading

Follow The Money To Yangshuo

DSCF2094 (Copy)On the back of any nation’s currency is a statement that says “this is your country! Isn’t it beautiful! Isn’t your supreme leader/ex-head of state/psychotic dictator a wonderful man?” On the back of Chairman Mao’s head on the 20 Yuan note is a lithograph of the most famously beautiful scenery in China and has been the inspiration for countless artists, poets, writers and film makers for years. Continue reading

Leaping Tiger, Snapping Tourists: On The Fringes Of Tibet

DSCF1807 (Copy)Chinese tourists just love Lijiang. When I arrived you couldn’t move for them and the winding alleyways and narrow lanes clogged with humanity as a result, which is a great shame and a perfect example of the behemoth that is the burgeoning middle class of China. It has been said that more than 50% of China’s entire population is middle class, and they want a holiday!¬†The small city receives 5 million domestic tourists every year, all of them convening in the old town. With me. Continue reading