North, or, An Interlude

DSCF0211_1920x1440For too long I had been in Argentina and the southern half of the continent. When you start a six month trip, the time stretches out ahead of you in to the infinite. It wasn’t until I worked out that I would be spending less than a month per country (the original plan) that I began to realise how little time I actually had left to get all the way to Colombia, and still spend time there. From Bariloche then, I (and my travel buddy – Hi Mirjam!) had to get to Bolivia, and quickly. This is a long journey! I know some people would prefer to go all the way in one swoop, but I decided to take a few days to get there. Not too many. Firstly, the route was to take us in to Chile as we wanted to climb a volcano. As you do. Continue reading


Patagonia Part II – Chalten and Norwegian Blues*

DSCF0205_1920x1440After the second of which was to eventually become eight crossings between Chile and Argentina, I began my journey north to the small settlement of El Chalten, a town that was explicitly founded to legitimise Argentina’s claim to the area near the Fitzroy massif. That it has also become a trekking Mecca for this area is a felicitous side effect.  Continue reading

Patagonia Part I – Glaciers and the Torres del Pain(e)

DSCF0112_1920x1440After the smog and stress of Buenos Aires, I was keen to get down south. I knew only a few  things about Patagonia – that it is cold, remote and beautiful. Thankfully, all of these turned out to be true and was the perfect antidote to the urban fatigue that two weeks of city living had wrought on me. Continue reading