The Paris of the Southern Hemisphere


When you arrive in Buenos Aires, it’s as if you have arrived in Paris. That is to say, when you arrive in Paris, you tend to step out of Gare de Nord and wonder quite why you heard Paris was so romantic. Buenos Aires is a city that inspires great passions in people that cause them to stay many years, or run away screaming. As an old city, it is a melange of different architectural styles and each barrio around the centre has a distinct aesthetic which singles them out as a product from a particular age. Continue reading


Big Ass Waterfalls


The border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina is such that no army could cross it. The Igauzu/Iguacu river flows over 60-80 metres of rock across an edge with a length of 2.7km. You already know all about the waterfalls – you’ve seen the pictures I am sure. I don’t need to tell you just how spectacular it is, but you might be interested in what it is like to visit, and how best to go about it. Continue reading