Sao Paulo – Not For Tourists, But You Should Probably Go Anyway

Sao PauloContrary to the title of this post, I actually have very little positive to say about Sao Paulo in regards to its position as a destination for travelling folk like me. That’s not to say it’s an unpleasant place to go – far from, it’s actually a very nice city and a far cry from my expectations of it being a big noisy and dirty place. Well, it’s the first two perhaps, but it is modern and neat and clean (mostly) where Rio was often run down and worn. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if I found Sao Paulo to be the most “western” of all the cities I visit during my time in South America. Continue reading




Carnival… the massive street parades. The drinking. The hugely inflated prices and endless surging masses of humanity all writhing to the rhythm of the drums. It was all a bit too much to think about to be honest, and so before I’d even gotten on a plane, I had already decided to spend the days around Carnival somewhere a little less extreme than Rio De Janeiro. The tiny little colonial town of Paraty.Please don’t think that I shy away from parties – far from it. On this occasion I had heard that this little town held a very unique and intimate carnival, and so it proved. Continue reading