The City That Doesn’t Need to Sleep


What more can you say about Rio De Janeiro; the┬ácidade maravilhosa? You would be hard pressed to find many cities that conjour up so many images instantaneously than with Rio. When you visit, you expect to see the incredible urban vistas where the most prominent sights are natural – rare in any city. To be sure, there are a number of man made icons that are world famous – Cristo Redentor being the most obvious. It’s debatable whether the perfectly formed bodies that promenade up and down Ipanema are “man made” or not, but they are obvious in their presence. Continue reading


The City That Never Sleeps

So, about three weeks after the fact, I am at last about to start writing about what I have been up to in this little jaunt of mine. As a way to kick it all off, I went to a small town across the Atlantic. You’ve probably heard of it.

Last Days of Torbay and USA 029_2000x1500

Rather than this end up being a blog where I simply say what I did, “and then I did this, and then I did that”, ad nauseum, I’ll attempt to focus on what I found most memorable, and more to the point, what might interest you also. Continue reading